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Mary Jane Watson was born to Philip and Madeline Mary Jane discovered that she was pregnant. Peter became Spider-Man again behind Mary Jane's back. After rescuing Mary Jane from a falling elevator, Mary Jane comments that Miguel O'Hara is just as brave and unselfish as another Spider-Man she knows. Mary Jane Watson appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes voiced by Tara Strong and she makes a cameo in Lego Marvel's Avengers. But while Mary Jane was breaking hearts as a high-school freshman, Gayle ignored her mother's entreaties and married her high school sweetheart - football star and honours student Timmy Byrnes. Gayle became pregnant when Timmy was just nineteen. In Timmy's trapped eyes, Mary Jane saw the roots of the desperation which destroyed .

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Peter's conscience, already Spidsrman by the ever Spiderman Mary Jane Pregnant need to lie to Gwen, became even more troubled. Miles blamed Spider-Man for the death of Gwen, whom he had himself fallen in love with. She squeezes his hand lightly. Mary Jane asked Peter if they really were going to try to have a relationship again.

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